Summa, Summa, Summatimmmee

This morning I woke up to snow. LOTS of snow. So much snow that I had to scrape off my car and wear my winter boots and coat. We played golf on Sunday–in shorts. I know, I know, everyone is tired of the snow and everyone is also tired of hearing everyone complain. But, really?!

So, with that being said, I’m looking forward to a brighter and warmer time–SUMMER.  I’m so excited about summer that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to the things I’m most looking forward to. (I know spring comes first, but so far this spring has been less than encouraging.)

What I’m looking forward to this summer:

Golf. Last summer I spent the April and May dealing with a broken thumb, and the entire month of July dealing with vertigo. I basically got to play three times total, and I think it rained each time. I have signed up for an actual competititve women’s tournament in June, so I have to play to get my game back in shape!

Throwback golf picture from the college days.

Concerts. We had three concerts scheduled in July last summer, but due to vertigo we only attended one, and that concert ended in me sitting in the back on the ground trying not to vomit everywhere. I’m pushing for more exciting experiences this year and hope to see some of our favorites live!

County Jam 2011..I think.
Avett Brothers 2013
Avett Brothers 2013

Bar Crawls. Really, just drinking outside in general. Day drinking is one of my favorite things ever…especially in 75 degree weather.

Thirsty Turtle bar crawl
CYP Bar Crawl 2012

5K’s. I’ve tried to like running. I really have given it a good, strong effort. I just can’t do it. Running anything more than 3 miles is miserable to me. I love 5K’s because there is usually a cause, theme, or good reason why I’m out there forcing my body to run.


The Memorial Tournament. This is more of a spring thing, but since it’s usually 80+ degrees, I’m counting this as summer. This is my favorite week of the year in Columbus. We now live really close to Muirfield, so we are taking full advantage of our location and walking to and from each day.

Vacation. We have nothing scheduled as of right now, but since my best friend just moved back to Nashville, I’m hoping we’ll take a trip to the dirty South.

2012 vacation to Savannah
2012 vacation to Savannah

House hunting. I know this isn’t at the top of my husband’s list, but it is mine. Realistically, we won’t be buying a house until this fall at the earliest, but I want to get the process moving and start to look at a few houses that are on the market to get a good idea of what we can get with what we want to spend.

Here’s hoping to a healthy and injury free summer. What are you most looking forward to?


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