Let’s talk about digestion…

Let’s talk about digestion. Particularly my digestion. If you’re not interested in my digestion issues then I suggest you stop reading now…..okay, for those of you still here, let’s get started. Since I was in junior high, I’ve dealt with digestion issues. And by issues I mean having to run to the bathroom within 5 minutes of eating–or else it’s not a pretty situation. In college I ate like crap and my issues got even worse, but I didn’t do much to fix it. I just dealt with it.

It wasn’t until after college, once I started doing my research and finally understood how much nutrition can affect the body, that I realized I was causing all of my issues. The first thing I did was cut out dairy. I realized that every time I drank milk, my stomach was a mess. Also, when I would eat cheese, my allergies and sinuses would flare up. I stopped eating all dairy altogether, and a lot of my stomach flare ups stopped and my allergies got better. I avoid cow’s milk (just drink soy and almond milk now), most cheese, sour cream, butter, etc.  Now, I can have some goat cheese on my salad, or a cheese cube with crackers, and I don’t have any issues.

Cutting out dairy certainly helped, but it didn’t totally fix all my issues. Let me tell you, having to ask whoever you’re with while driving (usually Ryan) to find a restroom RIGHT NOW isn’t exactly a fun or sexy thing to do. Just recently I sprinted into a tire shop on the side of the road and used their mechanic’s restroom. But I guess when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

But, there’s more than just my digestion issues. I’ve had pretty awful and intense pounding headaches since high school. I get these a few times a week and they are very targeted headaches, sitting in the back left side of my head. They are so bad I sometimes can’t see out of my left eye or I see white spots. I’ve seen countless doctors and chiropractors, and I’ve had multiple diagnosis. The most recent one is a pinched nerve from a minor concussion I had in high school–but none of the treatments I’ve done have made it feel any better. On top of the headaches, I have bumps all over my skin. I also have a ton of skin discoloration on my arms and legs.

Now I know we’ve all heard about the latest hot topic–GLUTEN. It seems everyone in the world has a gluten sensitivity…or claims they do…and gluten free options are popping up everywhere. While I tested negative for celiac disease, I’m convinced I still have a gluten sensitivity.

An issue I have with doctors, is that no doctor is ever going to tell you to try to change your diet to fix any issues you are having. Everything can be “fixed” with a pill. When, in reality, most symptoms are treatable by simply changing up your diet. It’s amazing how much food can affect your entire body. Food is medicine. But, the world wants to keep it a secret. Food Hospital is a great show that used to run on the Cooking Channel (I  can’t tell if it’s on anymore from the website…but we used to watch is religiously and haven’t seen it in over a year now). This show tackles illnesses from headaches to eczema to sleeping disorders.

So, for awhile (or forever depending on how I feel), I’m going to be that girl that won’t eat meat, gluten, and too much dairy. I’m hoping my stomach, skin, and headaches all clear up by cutting out the gluten. Has anyone else cut gluten out of their diet recently? Has it made a difference for you?

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