My favorite workouts

Hello! I apologize for my writing hiatus–a lot has been going on over here! Here’s a quick recap: My digestion issues got so bad that I ended up in the ER–but things are a little better now. We still don’t know exactly what is causing my flareups, so it’s pretty  frustrating. On a brighter note, we are still on the house hunt–we’ve had a couple set backs, but things are still looking good and I have a good feeling we will be in a new place by this fall. On an even brighter note, I now have a little nephew! Finn James was born on June 7. Everyone is doing well and I think he is pretty much the cutest thing on this planet.


Now on to other things: My favorite workouts

I’ve always been a group fitness person. I’ve tried to workout on my own, do personal training, and trick myself into becoming a runner, but it just doesn’t work for me. I stick with what I enjoy, and that’s working out with a group of people. So today I wanted to share my favorite ways to sweat in a group setting:

1. Hip Hop Fitness

Photo stolen from:
Photo stolen from:

I’ve been going to Mike Nicholson’s (Phlex Fitness) hip hop classes since 2011. He was at first only subbing for classes at Urban Active (now LA Fitness) and after everyone realized how great the classes were, he grew even more popular and a few years later ended up opening his own studio in Gahanna. I’ve been to plenty of hip hop, zumba, cardio dancing, etc., classes and nothing compares to this. Not only do you get to shake your booty like you’re back at the bar in college, but you kill hundreds of calories and leave the class soaked in sweat. If you’re local in Columbus, check out one of his classes–he teaches all over the place.

2. Yoga

photo stolen from:
photo stolen from:

Specifically hot yoga. I’ve done all different types of yoga, and I love them all. But, I really love the hot yoga studio I go to in Dublin called Harbor Yoga. It’s unlike any other yoga–it’s fast, it’s hot, and the music is loud. I don’t feel like I really worked out unless I’m sweating, and let me tell you, there is nothing that makes me sweatier than this. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good slow flow class that isn’t 90 degrees, but I know I’m working my body hard and getting a great workout when I’m at Harbor. There are a ton of different classes and instructors, so there is sure to be a class you can attend. Drink lots of water before!

3. Spinning


I started spinning while I was in college. I knew I needed a good cardio workout that was low impact after I broke my feet, and spinning was the perfect fit. I got certified to teach spinning two years ago and I now teach on a weekly basis. I love how spinning is a workout for everyone because everyone can go at their own pace. No one can tell if you aren’t using as much resistance as the person next to you, and if you are feeling tired, you can always chill out and stay seated on the bike.  I know spinning can be intimidating at first, but I encourage you to go to your local gym and try it out. You might be surprised how much you like it! (having a good instructor and great music is key to finding a good spin class!)

You can still occasionally find me in the gym wandering around doing some squats or curls, but usually when I’m going to workout, I’m doing one of the above classes.

What are some of your favorite workouts? Do you prefer working out with a group or solo?

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