I am that crazy dog lady.

I’m just going to come out and say it–I love my dog…like really love him. Probably too much (is that possible?). He is my favorite part of my day and what I look most forward to when I am on my way home from work (shhh…don’t tell my husband).

This is Rogue.


I’ve always had dogs growing up, and I loved them a lot. I grew up on a huge amount of land, so the dogs were able to run around outside the majority of them day and then come in at night to sleep. Lexi, our last family dog, just passed away this past year at the ripe age of 14. So, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for dogs, but I never knew how much that would grow when I had my own dog.

Lexi the fall before she passed away.

Ryan and I had only been together a year when we decided we needed a dog in our lives. We lived in a small-ish apartment, worked 8-9 hours a day, and didn’t have a ton of extra money. It seemed like the perfect timing for us. We drove through 2012’s worst snow storm ever the day after Christmas to get to the local dog shelter. We were determined. We walked around a bunch of different dogs, but none of them felt like the right fit (which is awful to say looking back because all those dogs need homes…our home just wasn’t the one). So, we went home disappointed. The next morning, we woke up and decided that we would go back to the shelter. It didn’t take long to find Rogue (named Gunner at the shelter). He was this adorable 9 month old black lab who wouldn’t stop barking at us. After about 5 minutes with him we knew we had to take him home.

first day
The first day we brought him home.

Ryan and I consider ourselves pretty good dog parents. Rogue is very well-behaved, doesn’t jump on people, and only barks when the doorbell rings. He gets plenty of exercise, top quality food, and more love than he needs. On the flip side, we are a little lax in some areas. He basically runs our lives. He is allowed on the couch-not the bed– he wakes us up every morning, and he dictates our schedules. He chews on all things plastic and leather. He’s not perfect, but he’s close.


Rogue is pure entertainment. He has an attitude sometimes, and it’s hilarious. He doesn’t need to speak because his actions speak loudly enough. He’s always ready to go on a walk, run, car ride, ANYTHING that has to do with us, he’s ready. He’s also ready at any point to sit on our laps, or get a new toy to carry around.

Close is never close enough.


Dogs don’t care if you just had a bad day at work, or if you had the greatest day ever. They don’t care if you were a total bitch to someone or if you just won the lottery. They love you regardless. Rogue’s day revolves around waiting for us to get home–and it kills me that we have to leave him alone for so long–at least I know he’s happily snoozing on the couch all day.


Some people tell me he’s just a dog, and that I shouldn’t talk/care/think about him so much. But, he’s so much more than that. Rogue is a part of our family. We are a family of three. People say I will change when/if we ever have kids. And that might be true…but for now, it’s just me, Ryan, and Rogue–and it’s perfect.

So yes, I am that crazy dog lady that won’t go to happy hour after work because of my dog. I’m also the lady who leaves a concert early to get home to her dog. The first step is admitting it, right?


Any other crazy dog owners out there? I know I’m not alone in this world.

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