If I won the lottery…

One of my favorite conversations to have with people is to talk about what they would do with their life if money wasn’t an issue. The Mega Millions is currently up to over $300,000,000 so of course, the conversations have started up again.

Before you go all, “money can’t buy you happiness…material things don’t matter….etc.,” let me start this by saying–be quiet and let a girl dream.

Now, let’s be realistic. If I won the $300,000,000 jackpot, I’d probably ONLY get about $150,000,000 of it after taxes. I’ll try to work with that number. Here’s what I would do with that money:

  1. Give some to my immediate family. This includes my husband’s family as well (you’re all welcome). I wouldn’t give them all $10M, but I would give them enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and to pay any and all outstanding debt that they would have.
  2. Buy a new car. I love my Jeep, but I would love one that is new. I probably wouldn’t even buy a luxury car (BMW, Audi, Mercedes), I would just buy a fully loaded awesome black Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  3. Buy a house. This is a tough one. We don’t have kids nor is that in the future plans, so I wouldn’t want a huge 6+ bedroom house. We just don’t need it. But trust me, I would buy the nicest 4 bedroom house in town, located on a golf course with a fenced in yard and finished basement with built in bar. The kitchen would also be fully loaded, and I’d be sure the living room had high ceilings. It’s the little things.
  4. Donate to charity. My first pick would be animal rescue organizations. Then after that, I’d have to do some more research. But first, save all the puppies!!
  5. Take lots of vacations. I wouldn’t do a long 3-month trip. I would just plan lots of vacations throughout the year. Some with my husband, some with family, and some with friends. Plus, I’d want to spread it out over the years because I don’t need to see the whole world right away.
  6. Invest. I’d need to hire someone for this part. I just hear it’s a good thing to do.
  7. Upgrade my wardrobe. But not like Kim Kardashian. I really think I would go to J. Crew, buy all the $100 sweaters  and boots I want, and call it a day. But along those Kim K. lines, I might have to buy a pair of Louboutins just to say I own them. Oh and Lululemon. Buy all the Lulu.
  8. Get my yoga instructor license. But I’d do it the right way. I’d do the 200-hour training in a few weeks time, maybe take a yoga retreat. Then teach every once in awhile. It’s something I’d really like to do but just don’t have the time or money to do it.
  9. Continue working. I’d have to do something. Maybe I would work on our startup company more and actually build it out the way we envision it to be since we would have the resources to do so. Maybe we’d start something new. I would have to stay busy, but I wouldn’t go and work for someone else in an office setting ever again.
  10. Join a country club. This might sound silly, but, I really want to be a country club person. But at 26, that shiz is expensive and unrealistic for the most part. Maybe I’d even get my own golf cart like my dad has always had! Fully loaded of course, with a cooler and speakers inside.

As you can tell, I’ve got big plans for my millions. Wish me luck tomorrow! What would you do if you won the lottery?

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