Week 1 Recap – 21 Day Challenge

Week 1 of the Check Yourself 21 Day Challenge is in the books! This first week we eliminated all processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and only had 1 grain a day. I’m down 3 pounds from last Monday and I’m feel really good. As mentioned before, I’m not going this challenge to lose a mass amount of weight–I’m doing it to cut my cravings and clean up my diet again. However, weight loss is going to go hand in hand with healthier eating and I’m okay with that.

The first 3 days were definitely the toughest for a number of reasons. I was really low on energy and my cravings were out of control–but I know that was because my body was clearing out all the bad stuff (there is a more scientific way of explaining but I’m not going to go into that). Typically, I’ll have 1-2 pieces of toast in the morning, rice with lunch, and either rice or more bread with dinner. I also always had a piece of chocolate after lunch and after dinner. I had to IMG_3844drastically change those habits and it took a few days to adjust, but by day 4 my cravings were gone.

Cutting the bread/grains was the hardest part. Since I’m a vegetarian, most of my meals include rice since it’s so easy to eat a lot of veggies that way. We had a lot of fun coming up with new concoctions that didn’t include grains. One of my favorite dinners included eggplant pizza. (please excuse the photo quality) This dinner was SUPER easy to make. Here’s the link to the recipe I used.

PS- Do you know how hard it is to remember to photograph your food? This was honestly the only food picture I got all week. I don’t know how bloggers do it before all their meals…I can’t wait to dig in once the plate is in front of me!

We had salads with almost every meal. Salad is always a safe choice and really pairs well with just about everything. Other dinners included: sweet potato chipotle bowls (no rice), veggie tacos, veggie burgers (no bun), and chickpea peanut butter kale (recipe soon!). Lunches revolved around a veggie chili that we made early in the week and soups and salads

Breakfasts have consisted of eggs, omelets, eggs with kale, and smoothies. I could have toast or oatmeal for breakfast but then that counts as my grain for the day and I don’t want to waste it so early! I’m getting tired of eggs so I’m sure I’ll switch it up this week.

Week two consists of a balance of one. We get one cheat meal and one night where we can drink alcohol. Ryan and I decided to use our cheat day on Sunday (day earlier than we were supposed to) because it was our FIRST anniversary! It was lovely to have a few beers and split a pizza with him. We knew we didn’t want to go out to fancy dinner so pizza and beer was perfect for us!

Other than using our cheat day a little early, we have really stuck with this challenge. I’m hoping to get in three workouts this week as well (last week I got in 4).

It’s getting easier to make the better choices and I notice I’m getting full faster than before and I’m not having the cravings I was before. I’ll be sure to check back in this time next week with another update!

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