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I know some of you might roll your eyes at this post–especially those who have known me for a long time, or those who think all animal activists are crazy and barefoot. Obviously, I haven’t always been a vegetarian or an animal rights activist. But, like everyone else, I grew, I learned, and I got educated. And then my heart started to hurt the more education I got around the animal testing/meat industry. Over the last three years I’ve avoided food that is meat or came from animals. But, I recently started to look at my lifestyle and the items I used each and every day, and I realized that I needed to dive deeper and think beyond the things I eat.

We all know that the majority of beauty/food/cleaning industries only care about the bottom line, not how they get there. Animals are tortured and put through tremendous pain to end up on our plates, but did you know that animals go through just as much pain for you to wash your face at night?

Did you know that the European Union bans animal testing on beauty products? Why is the United States still allowing this to happen? US law allows animals to be poisoned, drowned, burned, crushed, and killed. All experiments are allowed, no matter how horrible and painful they are to the animal. Science has come a long way and now we know that these tests are completely unnecessary.

Ridding your life of these products can be overwhelming. Almost everywhere you look there are products that have been tested on, or created from, animals. Here are a few simple steps you can do to become more aware of your everyday products, as well as suggestions on how you can stop using products that cause harm to animals prior to landing on store shelves.

Take a look at the products you use to most to get ready each day. If you do some research about the lotion, hair products, makeup, etc. that you use daily, you’ll find that most products undergo extensive and awful testings procedures on animals. Companies like UniteLush, Aveda, and Bath and Body Works are always a safe bet as they do not test on animals. You can also make your own lotions and face washes by using coconut oil, olive oil, and so many other options that are probably in your kitchen cabinet right now!

Look at what you’re wearing: how much leather do you have? What about wool? For the love, please stop wearing wool and fur. Both of these items don’t just fall off the animals–horrific things have to happen in order for these products to end up in your closet. Save some money and buy a new pleather purse or cotton sweater. The sheep and dogs (yes, dogs) of the world will thank you.

Before you clean, look at the products you’re using. Just like beauty products, cleaning and household products are first tested on animals and then sent off to the grocery stores. Method, Seventh Generation, and Honest Co. products are good for household cleaning products. Or, you can always make your own concoctions using products that you already own.

Once you start finding brands and products that you know are ethical and cruelty free, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of great brands that you can feel good about wearing and using. And, since most of these products are organic and made from natural ingredients, you can know that you aren’t causing any harm to yourself either!

Rogue thanks you.



I was the kind of kid who…

The Daily Tay
I love reading The Daily Tay’s posts. I’m always truly lol-ing and relating the things she says. Especially her latest one, I Was the Kind of Kid Who…I thought I’d take matters into my own hand and give you a little deeper dive into the weirdness of my childhood:

I was the kind of kid who thought that I was for sure going to be a famous dancer or that girl who choreographed all of Britney Spears’ music videos. I bossed my friends around and made up and videotaped SO MANY dance videos…if only YouTube was big back then.

I was the kid who had bangs. Actually, I’m now the adult who has bangs, but when I was a kid, they were bad. I remember my routine: I would let my awesome not curly but wavy/straightish hair air dry and then take a big round brush and blow dry my bangs. Not the side swept look  that I try to rock today, but truly, a big round puff of bangs that was be secured with cheap hairspray.

Just being a model rocking the bangs with my bro.

I was the kid who never looked good with braces. I always felt like my friends (one in particular) looked sooo cool with her braces, especially with the different colored bands. But my two front teeth have always been bigger than my head (I think I’ve grown into them) so braces was never a great look for me.

I was a bit of a cookie monster growing up and I would take 4-5 Oreo’s/Chips Ahoy and hide them in my pockets so my parents would see me sneak them away. I’m pretty sure I still do that to hide cookies from my husband.

I was the kind of kid who would bite off the end of Twizzlers and then drink Sprite through them like a straw. I don’t know why I thought this was the coolest thing ever, but it was entertaining to me.

Being a kid is weird. And awesome. What kind of kid were you?