Things I’m Loving Lately – Round 2

Here’s your second edition of Things I’m Loving Lately! (You can view my first post here.)

Unite Beach Day and 7 Seconds Detangler – I don’t know about you, but my hair is always a tangled mess when I get out of the shower. Now, I just spray the 7 Seconds on and I have zero issues getting a brush through. I’ve also been digging the beachy, messy curls look. Beach Day helps to separate and give some textures to curls. Plus, it smells amazing. Added bonus, Unite does not test on animals and is cruelty free!


Alex and Ani Bracelets – I wear these every single day. My husband bought them for me after I mentioned how much I loved my sister-in-law’s set. And they are meaningful. I have one that says “Aunt” and one that says “My Other Half” from Ryan.

Nooma Drinks – The company was started by two brothers who are from Cleveland. The drinks are wonderful…not too sweet, and super smooth like water. They are super refreshing and not full of gross chemicals or added sugars. I hate that Gatorade or other popular sports drinks have so many bad ingredients…Nooma keeps it simple and fresh.


These bloggers: The Daily Tay, Carrots N Cake, Peanut Butter Fingers, Peanut Butter Runner
I have been reading blogs for at least 5 years now. I follow over 50 blogs, but these ladies have been my favs for the longest. If you like to laugh, workout, eat good food, or like to take an in-depth look into people’s daily lives, follow these girls.

The fact that I get to see this guy in concert tomorrow:
Ryan and I are driving to Indianapolis tomorrow to catch the Brantley Gilbert, Eric Church, and Kenny Chesney concert. To say I love Eric Church is an understatement. Whew. See you soon, EC! 

What are you loving lately?

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