Goals from the New Year Half Way Checkpoint

How is it July? I’m pretty sure we just celebrated New Year’s Eve, right? At the beginning of the year, like any other list maker, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year. Not necessarily resolutions, but just goals and things that I wanted to cross off. Here is how my list started.

  1. Travel more. Go out of state at least 3 times.
    Check (after this weekend). This year we’ve been to Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and we are headed to Nashville this weekend. We will also be going to Florida for Christmas.
  2. Make yoga a habit. Go more than once a week.
    Check (almost). I’ve been going almost once a week. I think there have been a few weeks where I didn’t make it at all, but I’ve been working hard at fitting in one yoga class a week in addition to spinning and weight training, and I can definitely tell the work is paying off. I can now do this! 
  3. Do a DIY project for our new home.
    Check! We built two vegetable gardens (as seen in the above photo) and made some of our own art for inside the house.
  4. Give more to charity/volunteer more. 
    No check. I did volunteer to pour beer at a charity event–but that’s not the kind of volunteerism I was going for when I made this list. I’ll work on it.
  5. Visit a local winery or brewery and do a tour. 
    No check. We are hoping to go to a local distillery in the next month or so for a tour, though so I think that counts!
  6. Shop less. Buy more pieces that are timeless.
    Umm…no check. I am definitely shopping less–but definitely still buying cheap pieces that will only last a season or two. It’s much easier for me to buy 5 shirts that are under $20 rather than 1 shirt that is $80 and will last me awhile. I’ll keep working on it.
  7. Teach Rogue to be a better off-leash dog.
    We are getting there. And when I say we, I mean I’m getting better. He’s run away from us (me) 3 times when he’s been off leash and I think I had a mini heart attack each time. Not fun. So, yes, I am very anxious when we leave the door open because he could escape at any minute, and yes I still panic when I leave him with other people because he could escape from them as well. But, he’s listening more and hasn’t tried to make a run for it for awhile. We are learning together. 
  8. Save money for trip to Europe in 2016.
    Check…not fully saved but we are working on it. I really really want to take a trip next year to Ireland with Ryan. He’s on board, but being the financially responsible guy he is, wants to make sure we save rather than putting it on a credit card (my solution!!). So, we are saving every week. And I’m sure that will be bumped up even more in the next few months. It’ll be worth it though. Gotta control my impulse purchases!

So, mid-way through the year I think I’m doing okay on my goals. What goals/resolutions did you make at the beginning of the year?

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