Random Ramblings

A goal of mine for the new year is to post more consistently on this little site. I always struggle with just what to post so I thought I’d stop thinking so hard about it, and write about the random thoughts and questions that I have as we start 2016.

  1. Why don’t people pronounce the H in words? Huge, human…I know there are others. It drives me ca-razy. trump
  2. Speaking of the above guy, are we really going to let Donald Trump be a presidential candidate? I’m not a political person, but I also am not a stupid person. Like really, America?
  3. Speaking of not being political, Obama’s new gun plan does not take away your guns. So chill out, people. Also, I totally thought you had to have a background check before you could own a gun…and the fact that that wasn’t case BLOWS MY MIND. Not just anyone should be able to own a gun, and I’m ok with making it a safer process. Okay, now I’m done with my political, but not really political rant…
  4. Anyone else at this time of year want to buy ALL THE THINGS? I don’t know if it’s the new year and the feeling of a fresh start…but I’m ready to buy a new wardrobe, new makeup, redo our entire house’s decor, start a new meal plan, and get a new hairstyle. download
  5. Anyone else struggle with always wanting to buy local but then realizing Amazon makes life SO much easier? For example: we used to buy our dog food from a local shop not too far from our house. It was always a pain because we would realize like a day or two before we’d run out that we needed to pick up a bag. So one day I checked on Amazon and found that the same bag of food was $15 less than what we were paying and would be delivered for free in 1-2 days after ordering! I always try to buy local, but sometimes, convenience wins.
  6. My husband and I are traveling out of the country twice this year and I am SO EXCITED, but I’m also already dreading leaving my dog. This is why I can’t have kids. Like, the thought of him thinking we are never coming back and someone else giving him love makes my heart hurt. #crazydoglady
  7. What ever happened to Robyn, LFO, and O-Town?
  8. We just signed up for Netflix and I cannot wait for tomorrow night to Netflix and Chill, literally. I’m avoiding all the spoilers to Making a Murderer until I have a chance to get caught up.
  9. I strongly believe that if you hurt an animal, you should be charged just like you would if you hurt a human. Thankfully, we’re getting closer to true justice for animals who are victims of abuse.
  10. In a little over 2 months I’ll be here:

    credit: www.fivestareventscayman.com 

    And to help me get ready, I’m doing Orangetheory Fitness Columbus Weight Loss Challenge that starts on Monday.

Random enough? Cheers to 2016!