Is this thing still on?

Hello? Anyone there?

It’s funny because one of my goals for after I quit my job was to write more on here. But, that definitely didn’t happen. All that time I thought I would have it totally not there.


Oh yes, I quit my job at the end of May. I’m officially done with the corporate world. I still can’t believe it. I’m now doing marketing consulting for small businesses full-time through my company, Local Anywhere, while also growing our new fitness initiative, Sweat Local Columbus.

I feel like I have learned a lot in only my short 65 days of being self-employed–and I thought it’d be fun to write about mainly so I have something to look back on and laugh at in a few months or years.

Here are the top ten things I’ve learned since working from home on my own business:

  1. I had to stop saying “yes” to every opportunity. Thankfully, I had the chance to really grow and work on my business for about a year before I went on my own completely to really make sure I had a small list of solid clients. It was because of those clients that I was able to make the jump for my old job. But, as soon as I made the jump, I got a bunch of referrals…met with a bunch of people…and said yes, a lot. Like 3 times in the first week. It was, well, totally overwhelming. And  I became totally overbooked. Luckily, some of the “yes’s” were only short projects, so it didn’t last long. But I still struggle with overbooking myself and becoming overwhelmed easily.
  2. Not every business is right for me. I learned this early on over a year ago when I took on a client that was a lot of money but totally not the right fit. After 3 months of night sweats, dreading our phone calls and texts, I decided I had to break the contract. I met with another potential client recently, and after our meeting, I knew in my gut it wasn’t a good fit. Again, good money, but I wouldn’t be happy and frankly, neither would the client. It’s okay to be a little picky.
  3. I don’t get dressed nearly as much as I thought I would. I had this big idea that I would still shower, do my hair and makeup, and put on normal people clothes. That was a fun idea, that only happens when I have meetings. I still do my hair and makeup for the most part mainly because I see the UPS man every day and I don’t want to scare him, but I live in workout clothes and it’s amazing.
  4. I’ve become more attached to my dog and vice versa. This is not surprising.
  5. I drink coffee everyday. Back in my old working life, I NEVER drank coffee. Ever. I don’t know why, but I can’t start my day now without a cup. It’s my favorite way to start going through emails with a fresh cup in hand.
  6. I thought I was organized before–but this is a whole new world. I always thought I had my shit together at my other jobs, and I probably did. But now my tasks are ALL OVER the place and I have to balance those tasks between 8 clients. It’s been hard to focus in and keep it all together, but I’m learning.
  7. My posture has gotten worse. Need a new office chair, asap.
  8. I eat way more at home. This isn’t surprising, but the main reason is because of point number 3. I don’t get too dolled up too often and going out in public seems like a lot of work.
  9. I work later and harder than I did at my other jobs. Again, not surprising. But I find it interesting how I never have an urge to sneak out for coffee, close up my laptop early, or talk to my dog (coworker) for 15 minutes-hour to kill time. My clients mean a lot to me and I make sure I deliver on my tasks everyday.
  10. I love the flexibility. I love that I can take phone calls all day long without hiding it, I love that I can workout at 8am if I want to, I love that I can gchat with my mom again, I love that I can wear workout clothes, I love that I can go on vacation without prior approval, I love that the money I make is purely in my control. I know that I meant for a work-life like this, and I’m grateful that I finally have that opportunity.

Okay, back to work. It feels good to write out how I feel–so hopefully this is the start of a new weekly series.

Anyone else work from home or for themselves? What surprised you or what have you learned?

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