And we’re back…


2014 and 2015 were good years for Corks and Kale. I started this blog with the hope of writing every week. Every week turned into roughly once a month–but I still enjoyed it. 2016 was the year of changes, travel, new businesses, and no time for this. I didn’t miss it. I felt like I needed to write, but I didn’t want to. So I let it be.

Now we are in 2017 and I have a million things I want to write about. Lots of those things are political, and I promise not to write about those but we all know what’s happening and we definitely don’t need more political arguments around here. So, in order to start this blog back off with a real bang, I decided to do a recap of all the things that are on my mind.

Get ready for some randomness:

  • I turn 29 next week. I remember when I was younger and any age in your twenties sounded SO OLD. Now, I just feel so young. It seems everyone my age is having babies, moving up corporate ladders, traveling the world on what seems like endless budgets, and remodeling their houses. All the while, I’m sitting over here with my husband and dog trying to figure out which lightbulb we need for our lamp and why our lightbulbs go out every 3 months when they say they last 8 years.
  • Speaking of comparison to others, it truly is the root of all evil. It does bother me that I feel like everyone else has it all together except me, but I do know that that’s not the case. We are all really good at pretending things are totally fine–and social media only creates a beautiful mask on an otherwise messy life. I need to remember this.
  • About a month ago, I was feeling so tired all the time. Getting out of bed was a serious task and all I could think about all day was a nap or when I could get back to bed. Working from home definitely didn’t help the feeling. I finally went to my acupuncturist because I always feel better after a session–but she also told me to start drinking this tea, taking these vitamins, and taking more iron. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It seriously is insane. I’m not sure what helped the most, but I just know that I’ll keep taking them all because I feel like a whole new person. Holistic cures for the win!
  • Houses should come with manuals. This should be a thing. Our water heater recently broke because it’s 14 years old. I had no idea there is a life span on these things (I realize that this should be an obvious thing, but I have other things to worry about). What else in my house will need to be replaced that’s more than $200? What other things should we be doing to maintain our house?
  • I cut out eating dairy about 6 days a week. Only 6 days because I love pizza and I love pizza with cheese, so I leave 1 day for that or maybe a salad with cheese. I used to have cheese 7 days a week, so I cut back a lot. I don’t miss it at all and I feel so much better. Dairy never agreed with me so I cut out all milk about 6 years ago, but was still going strong with cheese. Now that I have cut that back, my skin is clearer and my stomach is happier. Definitely worth it.

Ok, now that we are all caught up, what’s going on with you? I do want to be more present on here, so I hope you hang with me while I try. I want to talk about the things I think about on the regular: being an entrepreneur, living a healthier/vegetarian life, working out, and dogs. If you’re into that stuff, hang around.