Lots to say today


Hang on tight, I’ve got a lot on my mind today.

I’ll be the first to admit that I need a social media detox. I need multiple days in a row where I don’t even open Facebook or Instagram. The problem is, the bulk of what I do for a living has to do with social media. I can’t just turn off my notifications or never log in again because I have clients/businesses that pay me money to run their accounts. I know it’s easy to say, “Well just post for your businesses and ignore your personal stuff,” but that’s really hard to do. But, if I’m being honest, social media has A LOT to do with how I’m feeling right now.

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my weight in the past. I have been heavy, I’ve been skinnier, I’ve been pregnant, and I’ve been meh. I’m in the meh stage right now. I can still fit kinda in my favorite jeans, but I’m not happy with where I am. When I lost weight before, I didn’t do any crash diets–I just simply ate a little cleaner and moved a little more. Crazy how that works, right?

Well right now, I’ve been eating fairly clean (portion sizes could be smaller), and moving A LOT (maybe too much?). I’m teaching cycle 3-5x per week and trying to squeeze in yoga or strength when I can. I’m eating when I’m hungry. I’m even tracking what I eat. But it’s been 4 weeks and I see zero changes. Zip.

So, back to social media. Here are messages that are constantly being thrown at us:

  • Be happy in your body.
  • Change your body.
  • Try to fast for 12-20 hours. You’ll lose weight!
  • Eat when you’re hungry. Your body needs food.
  • Love who you are. Some people are meant to be bigger than others!
  • Time for that summer body!
  • Don’t lose weight for a big event.
  • Lose weight in 10 days for a big event!
  • Track your macros.
  • Track your calories.
  • Don’t track anything.
  • Don’t diet.
  • Dieting is the only way to live.
  • Try this fat belly tea.
  • Try this tea with collagen.
  • Try Keto.
  • Be Vegan.
  • Eat meat.
  • Stop eating carbs.
  • Don’t drink.
  • Drink this wine because it’s cleaner and has less calories.
  • Eat more fat
  • Fat makes you fat.
  • Listen to your body. Be intuitive about your eating.
  • Eat 6 meals a day.
  • If you want to lose weight you hate your body.
  • If you don’t want to lose weight you don’t care about your body.

I could go on and on. I see every single one of those messages within a quick scroll of Instagram in less than 5 minutes. I stay awake at night thinking about all these messages. Everyone is an expert on weightloss nowadays. No no, I take that back. Everyone is an expert on YOUR body. Everyone has a tool that will either make you happier, skinnier, or more comfortable. Honestly, I’m not knocking this. I love health and nutrition coaches. I worked with a hormonal coach who helped me immensely feel better. I think people who have studied and researched multiple ways to fuel someone’s body deserves to be able to sell their coaching/program. What I’m not okay with is just HOW MANY messages we are getting, and how no one really knows what’s right for you, but you.

But here’s the thing. How do we know what’s right for you? I don’t really have that answer exactly, because well, I’ve tried everything.

Beachbody, Isagenix, personal training, health coaching, hormonal coaching, working with a nutritionist, macro counting, not counting, intuitive eating, fasting…you name it, I’ve probably done it (except Atkins because I really don’t believe in that one).

What I know is that none of the above has really worked for ME. But, I know lots of people who have had success. Who have either dropped the diets and learned to love their body, drinks shakes everyday and love it, or have stuck with a plan and are happy.

I really believe there isn’t a right or wrong way to go about this. But, what I do believe is that if something doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t. Just because your girlfriend has had great success with intuitive eating, doesn’t mean you will. Just because your husband can fast 16 hours a day and still have energy for workouts and lose weight, doesn’t mean you will. Just because you want to lose weight doesn’t make you a bad person—and the same goes for if you just don’t want to lose weight.

I’m tired of all the messages. I’m tired on wondering everyday which new program will work for me…trying it…failing…feeling miserable…and trying something else.

Yes, I want to just be happy with my body. But for ME, that means that I want to get back to a weight that I’m comfortable with. I’m not there right now. I also know that when I try these programs/coaching, if something doesn’t feel right, then it might not be right for me. But it might be great for you.

I don’t really have a point in this except just to say: We are being told a lot of things to do right now. We have a lot of messages to hear. It’s ok to try something new. It’s ok to not do anything. It’s ok to start and fail. But really, it boils down to what feels right to you. And again, for me, when I had the most success, it was when I was eating clean and moving more. So, I’m going to try that again. You do you.

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